As with our locomotives, wagons can also be tailored to specific services in the following markets:

Wagon Type Potential Commodities
Minerals Coal, Iron Ore, Manganese, Bauxite, Sands, Cement
Petroleum & Liquids Fuel Tankers, In Line Fuelling, Dangerous Goods
Grains Durham, Canola, Barley, Flour
Infrastructure Ballast, Sands, other crushed aggregates
Intermodal – 40’, 60’ & 80’ skeletal, flat, reefer Import / Export containerised products, refrigerated cargos, On Solid Deck Equipment
Infrastructure Side Tippers, Rail & Sleeper Carrying

CRL understands the importance of matching the right assets to the transportation task at hand, balancing specific economic, safety, environmental and infrastructure constraints whilst optimising efficiency of operations and haulage capability.

Locomotives and wagons may be provided as train sets or separately as the case may be.